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Blaze Bugout Bag Black

Bunker 72 Hour Pack Coyote

Bunker 72 Hour Pack Coyote Black

Tac Pac with Hydration Black

Packs and bags built to handle whatever your tactical situation mandates.

You asked for MOLLE loops, hydration sleeves, varieties of camo, and high-quality materials, so we delivered. We stand by what we build: All of our products come with a lifetime warranty. All of our equipment was born from active deployment with our nation's military.

Now, our bags are also used by fire fighters, EMS, law enforcement, search and rescue teams, and others who require the highest level of reliability and functionality in their equipment.

Developed for
the Military

Our gear has been trusted by our nation's military for over 70 years.

All Scenarios.
All Demands.

We build everything with high-quality materials, handles, zippers, and compartments. Our products are made to handle the most demanding tasks.


We stand by our products. If any of your equipment fails due to a defect, we'll make it right.

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Monster Deployment Bag- Coyote

Monster Deployment Bag- Coyote


Mini Monster Deployment Bag - Black

Mini Monster Deployment Bag - Black


Versatile. Created for those with mission critical requirements.


We provide state-of-the-art gear to our nation’s military that is field tested and battle proven to withstand any scenario. Our products have been trusted by our troops for over 70 years.


Our equipment was designed for tough conditions, which means they translate seamlessly to outdoor recreation. You can count on our products to keep your supplies safe while providing comfort for wherever your journey takes you.


Mercury Tactical Gear was developed for the military, so naturally, our gear is perfect for paintball. Grab one of our battle-tested backpacks - Large spacious compartments, MOLLE webbing, camo patterns & natural colors, and durable materials are just a few key features that will take your paintball game to the next level.


Our packs and bags are perfect for day hunts. Our gear features waist straps to lessen the strain on your back, large storage areas to keep all of your gear organized and accessible, durable weather resistant materials to protect your supplies from the elements, and much more.

First Responder

When you're first on the scene, your gear can make all the difference. Mercury Tactical Gear products are made with durable materials and are packed with tactical features, allowing your peace of mind even in the most hectic of situations.